is a designer and researcher at MIT whose work is focused on applying data science to design problems.


Bilotti specializes in creating digital experiences and material innovations.

Right now, Bilotti is leading research projects at MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and the Design and Computation Group.

In 2019, Bilotti co-founded GoodStuff, a mobile app that helps university students find remote work within their community.

GoodStuff was pre-seed funded through MIT DesignX and was selected for Harvard Innovation Labs' 2020 cohort.

Ada, the firs archiecturl pavilion project driven by artificial intelligence (AI) by Jenny Sabin Studio with Jeremy Bilotti, Microsoft Research

Bilotti has worked in practices at the forefront of design innovation, such as

Jenny Sabin Studio, where he led the development of software and hardware systems for Ada—the first architectural pavilion project driven by AI.

Ada is a collaboration with Microsoft Research.

Bilotti was Senior Research Associate at Cornell’s Sabin Design Lab


a trans-disciplinary design research lab with specialization in computational design, data visualization and digital fabrication.