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Emeco × MIT Exhibition

“The Next 150-Year Chair"

During the spring semester of 2022, Jeremy Bilotti, Lecturer in Design at MIT, taught an advanced product design course with Emeco in the Department of Architecture entitled “The next 150-year chair”, envisioning the future of sustainable furniture, new technology for manufacturing and the role of future product designers. The course was a collaboration between MIT and Emeco, an important furniture manufacturer and product design company.


In November 2022, the student projects were showcased at Emeco House in Venice, CA and online at

The course included guests and lectures from leading product designers and engineers, including Gregg and Jaye Buchbinder of Emeco, Andrés Reisinger, Júlia Esqué, Chen Chen and Kai Williams, David Rosenwasser of Rarify, Marcelo Coelho, Head of Design at Formlabs, and others.


Faculty Course Instructor, Exhibition Design, Editorial and Graphic Design


Emeco, Product Design, Furniture Design, MIT, Exhibition


Collaborators: Jaye Buchbinder, Gregg Buchbinder, Skylar Tibbits, Emeco, Lavender Tessmer, Bill McKenna. Lectures by: Andrés Reisinger, Júlia Esqué, Chen Chen, Kai Williams, David Rosenwasser, Rarify. Students: Zain Karsan, María Risueño Dominguez, Faith Jones, Jo Pierre, Amelia Lee. Photography: Jeremy Bilotti, Students, Gerard Patawaran, Lavender Tessmer.

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